Osaka ~ 4 Nov 2008

~ Route of the day ~

Hotel Raizan South ~ Osaka ~ Hommachi ~ Tanimachi 4-chome [Osaka Castle] ~ Osakako [Cruise on Santa Maria] ~ Hommachi ~ Dobutsuen-Mae  [Shinsekai] ~ Ebisucho [Tsutenkaku Tower] ~ Nippombashi ~ Namba [Dotonbori Street] ~ Shisaibashi ~ Dobutsuen-Mae ~ Hotel Raizan South ~ Tennoji [bus to Tokyo] ~ Tokyo

Today is our last day in Osaka. We check out from the hotel in the morning & kept our luggage @ Hotel. Our journey for today around 9am. Actually we have planned our first activity of the day should be Osaka Bay Cruise “Santa Maria”. But, we realize the Cruise only start @ 11am, thus, we just change our plan immediately  when we were in the train on the way to Osaka.

From Osaka, we took Subway to Hommachi & transit to Tanimachi 4-chome. We passed by the Osaka City museum while on the way from the subway to the castle. We didn’t go in to the Museum eventhough the entrance fee is included in the Unlimited Pass because I’m not really interested. 😛

Here we reach the Osaka Castle. The original castle has been destroyed & this is actually the rebuild of the castle in the last century. This castle is really contrast to Himeji Castle which I visited 3 days ago where elevator leading to the top floor is available & the interiors of the castle is modern looking.

You can learn more about the life and history of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a federal lord who unified the country in the castle.

Osakajo Park Tram is actually available from Osaka castle Park to  Osaka Castle donjon (Otemon gate & Sakuramon gate). But service is actually close on Mondays (or the next day when it falls on a national holiday). Since 3 Nov 2008 (Monday) is national holiday of Japan, Thus this service is close for today.

Second activity of the day ~ Cruise on Santa Maria. We took Subway from Tanimachi 4-Chome to Osakako. The Osaka Port is about 10 mins walk fro Osakako Station. We bought our lunch @ one of the Bento Shop along the way to Osaka Port.

Here is our bento set. ¥400 (left ~ Chicken Set) & ¥530 (right ~ Mix)

We enjoyed our lunch @ the Osaka Port while waiting for the cruise. The Cruise on Santa Maria departs on 1pm.

The fees is actually ¥1,600 (included in Osaka Unlimited Pass). The ship lasts for about 50 minutes & you are able to enjoy a magnificient view of Osaka from the sea.

After the cruise, we were back to Shinsekai (新世界), which is few steps from Dobutsuen-Mae Station.

A lot of Billiken Statue along the way to Tsutenkaku Tower.

Billiken God is believed as a god that bring us happiness

hehe.. I bought a Billiken toy from the Dotonbori Gokuraku Shoutengai (place visited later) as well. Hope that my wish will come true when I scratch his sole of foot. 😛

Here is the day view of Tsutenkaku Tower. The top of Tsutenkaku Tower provides panoramic & unobstructed view of Osaka with admission fees ~ ¥600 which is included in Osaka Unlimited Pass as well.

Since we planned to shot the night view of the Tsutenkaku Tower as well, thus, we left Shinsekai & go to Dotonbori Street for our last day shopping @ the street. We visited Dotonbori Gokuraku Shoutengai which is a food entertainment park where you can enjoy unique gourment cuisine & a retrospect atmosphere of Osaka. Admission ~ ¥315 (included in Unlimited Pass).

We were given a card when we entered the park where you can order any food available & pay at the counter before you left the park. Similar concept with marche @ The Curve.

We just tried one of the food that available in the park.

Rest Area is available in the park for you to rest & enjoy your food.

After we enjoyed the food, we hanged around in the park for about half hour before we left the park. Here is the cashier available for you to make payment before you left the park.

After Dotonbori Gokuraku Shoutengai visit, we hanged around Dotonbori Street & tried some of the local food there as well. We passed by Don Quijote Dotonbori Branch “Ebisu Tower” along the way to Shinsaibashi Street.

After that we back to Shinsekai for night shot of Tsutenkaku Tower.

We end our Osaka trip @ Shinseikai. We back to Hotel to get our luggage after a quick dinner @ 7-11. We depart from hotel around 9am in order to catch our bus @ Tennoji Station to go to Tokyo. We lost our way when we came out from Tennoji Station. From the map, we knew the bus station is just few steps from Exit 3 (JR Railway). However, we got out from Exit 3 of subway station which took us 10 mins to find the location of the bus station. We arrived @ the bus station @ 9:30pm sharp. Err.. the whole bus is waiting for us.. :P. We took bus from Tennoji to Umeda & change another bus to go to Tokyo.

Tokyo ~ I’m coming…