Fruitful north island trip ~ 2

Seems like a bit boring to describe my trip in details all the time..
Thus, I decided to cut the story short of my north island trip..
Wahaha.. in fact.. I’m too lazy to update in details…pai sei~

I guess photo explain everything.
Here I come the highlight of the north island trip ~ Tongariro Alpine Crossing..
Our trip was a little bit rush at the beginning because of this trekking..
Weather dependent activity.. hehe..
Weather always is the main issue during travel..

25 Oct ~ Amazing Tongariro Crossing

Seems like ski? Look like ski? But I’m not ski~

How thick is the snow?

Now you know~

27 Oct ~ Kiwi Fruit heaven ~ Tepuke
Kiwi farm visit ~ Don’t ask me why no kiwi fruit.. haha.. it’s not the picking season now~ OK?

Largest Kiwi pack house visit.

In fact, this is the bonus of the trip where we never thought we are allowed to visit the Kiwi Pack House..
I didn’t get the chance to work in Kiwi Farm/ Kiwi Packhouse.. But.. I get the chance to visit.. It’s good enough.. Hooray~ I’m happy

27 Oct ~ Tauranga – Mt Maunganui

Hooray~ Ice Cream @ Copenhagen Cones – Happy like a kid with the ice cream!

27 Oct ~ Maori Concert & Hangi @ Rotorua ~ Admission – NZD95

Yummy yummy Hangi~

28 Oct ~ Wai-O-Tapu ~ Admission – NZD32.5 (Lady Knox Geyser + Wai-O-Tapu Thermal wonderland)

I can tell you the water from the Geyser is warm ~

29 Oct ~ Longest Place Name in the world
Read yourself – Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu

30 Oct ~ Enjoy $1 latte @ Mc Cafe Masteton
It’s special because the promotion only available @ Masteton.. 🙂

30 Oct ~ Stonehenge

31 Oct ~ Halloween @ Wellington

Pizza in a Pub on my Lunar Bday ~ Hell Pizza ~ Yummy but too Spicy

I like this LUST Pizza