China Guang Zhou ~ Foshan Trip

Just touched down LCCT @ 2:05am 3 April 2010. Reached home @ 4am & slept @ 5am. ~ TIRED ~ B4971706C030718A85B15A9A0278B78C. I was so tired until I couldn’t recognize the road back to my house. So sorry to Mei Ling. The flight was delayed for almost 2 hrs. Took off from Baiyun International Airport @ 10:15pm. Actually we departed from Guang Zhou town around 4pm. In fact, we took some time to get a taxi. Reached airport around 5pm I guess. Can’t really remember the exact time. We shopped around in the airport for a while before collect our luggage from the luggage storage. Check in process started around 6:10pm and the moment we got into the boarding area was 8:10pm.. Woo… damn tired…. Another bad thing of the trip last night was all the meal were sold out.. Haih~ wulaguiqq007


So, I was at China last week  for 5 days 5 nights. It was quite a rushed trip. I was a bit nervous as I did not prepare well before the trip. Just to clarify, I passed by Guang Zhou only. My biz trip was @ Foshan.

Day 0

We landed @ Guang Zhou Baiyun International Airport around 8:30pm and took a bus from the airport to Foshan. Then, met up with Mr H @ Foshan bus station and headed to our hotel which we thought is “seven stars” hotel. In fact, is a hotel named as “seven days”. The pronunciation of “seven days” & “seven stars” in Cantonese is a bit similar. 天那 Frankly speaking, we were a little bit disappointed. 7DaysInn situated all over China. It’s kind of economy hotel. Overall, the hotel is good, cheap & the service is good. BUT, the mattress is too hard for me. Slept after heavy dinner. Oh no~ FAT!

7天连锁酒店 ~ 7 days inn

Day 1

We started our work on 29 March 2010. I woke up around 7:15 & had breakfast @ the hotel restaurant. It’s a healthy breakfast. RMB 7 for 3 man tou + 1 banana + 1 hard boiled egg + free flow of porridge & soy milk. ~ damn cheap. Nothing much could share for my working part. We returned to hotel after lunch and started our leisure time. Shopped around in Foshan. In between, we spent sometime for dessert.

Dessert time @ 糖皇甜品 ~ 鸡蛋糕+雪耳炖木瓜+木瓜糯米糍+姜汁撞奶

However, we couldn’t get taxi to back to hotel. So, we decided to take the motobike taxi. My first time experience motorbike taxi. Err… I guess that will be the first and the last time for me. damn scary… haha… the funny thing is that 4 of us took different motorbike & I’m the only one managed to get back to our hotel as the other three were lost somewhere.. 不好意思Nearly forgot about the poon-choi dinner. I missed out the poon-choi photo anyway~ My first time as well. Then, we went for foot massage (沐足) after dinner. A great experience for me too.


Day 2

Started our day after dim sum breakfast @ Grand de Cafe.

Dim Sum breakfast @ Grand De Cafe ~ 港式虾饺皇 + 皮蛋瘦肉粥 +顺德煎鱼角 + 炸春卷 + 贵妃奶皇包 + 冬菜猪肉肠

Meeting for the whole day. Anyway,  we had great meal all day long, and a memorable one too. Even now that I’m back in Malaysia, I would occasionally fondly remember the sashimi I had at the Golden Boat Restaurant. Truly yum yum. I tried the snake meat here as well.. but it’s not my liking anyway.

Lunch @ 鲤鱼门大锅酒家 ~ 鲍鱼 + 芝士龙虾 + 牛肉莲藕 + 清炒小菜 + 鱼 + 餐包

Day 3

Meeting for the whole day as well. Again… good food came along. Karaoke session end our day three in Foshan. Oh yeah, Visited Century Lotus Stadium today. Felt so proud of that.. huhu…

I was step on the  football field of Century Lotus Stadium. 哇哈哈

Step on the Stadium of Century Lotus Sports Park

Dinner @ 168 美食.. Basically is steamboat for me.. hoho.. The wine look nice but not taste nice..

Dinner @ 168 美食

Day 4

Fourth day, last day in Foshan. Light and easy day of the trip. Woke up around 10am and enjoyed breakfast @ the restaurant nearby ~ 粥家庄.

Breakfast @ 粥家庄 ~ 炖蛋 + 裹蒸粽 + 笼仔蒸米粉

Visited Temple of the Ancestors (佛山祖庙). Admission fee ~ RMB 20. Some history to share about this temple ~

The Temple of the Ancestors dates originally from the second half of the 11th C, and was restored in 1372 following a fire. It is dedicated to the God of the North, Ruler of the Waters. Although the Chinese name ”祖庙” means ”Temple of the Ancestors”, this simply indicates that it is the oldest temple in town, “the ancestor of temples”. The rich ceiling decoration with many figures is its most interesting feature. The complex covers an area of 3000sq.m/32,300sq.ft and includes the following buildings: the portico (Qian Dian), the main hall (Zheng Dian), the Festival Hall of Truth (Qingzhen Lou), the Pond of Scented Brocade (Jinxiang Chi) and the Theatre of a Thousand Good Fortunes (Wanfu Tai) which is decorated with gilded carvings. In the walled pond in front of the portico there is a stone turtle with a snake, the symbols of the god of the North. At one time performances were held in the theater, which is decorated with gilded carvings.

祖庙 ~ Temple of the Ancestors










Before this, we actually went to Thai style hair wash. Quite special as we were lay down during the hair wash. The hair wash is only RMB10 and add another RMB5 for fringe haircut.

Thai style hair wash

Jing Yi & me dropped by @ 人信甜品店 for dessert after Temple of the Ancestors visit. Ate my first Red Bean Double Boiled Edd (红豆双皮奶) here. Yummy yummy ~ em537

人信甜品店 ~ 红豆双皮奶 (RMB 8)

Day 5

It was to be our last day here and the flight was 8:35pm. We headed to GuangZhou airport after great dim sum breakfast @ 海悦. Taking into account the check in time and travel to airport, we only have a few hours left in Guang Zhou town. We kept our luggage @ the luggage storage in airport and headed to Guang Zhou town for a short walk. Anyway, we only managed to walk around World Trade Center. As I only have a short time here in Guang Zhou, still, there are lots of places I miss. Hope I can come again~

On the way to Guang Zhou

The panda is boarding soon.. huhu.. this panda is not mine anyway.. is belongs to Jing Yi.. haha..

Boarding soon~

After all, it ain’t exactly a leisure trip for me. The only thing I can say for this trip is this is a 山珍海味 trip for me. Experience a lot of new things during the trip. And,  I put on weight quite a bit these days.