AA ‘Go Holiday’ to Langkawi ~ Day 2 – End

It’s island day today ~ Yeah!

Had simple breakfast in the hotel before heading to island hoping. We went to the Underwater World as the hotel receptionist told me there are lots of island hoping services available there with different price. They offered RM40 per pax at first. After hard bargain, we managed to get RM30 per pax. BUT, after that I realize another group were charged @ RM85 for 3 persons. 抓狂 Anyway, we started our island hopping @ 0930. It’s included 3 islands ~ Island of The Pregnant Maiden, Eagle Island and Beras Basah Island.

Get ready to island hopping

Our first stop was Island of  The Pregnant Maiden. it’s took about 30 minutes boat trip to reach the destination. Then about 15 minutes walk through the forest reserve before we reached the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden (Tasik Dayang Bunting). Lots of monkey along the way~ Again, there is some mysterious pass about this Island. Its about the legend of a lovely fairy princess who married an earthly prince and her first child died shortly after birth. She was so sad & depressed that she buried the child in the crystal clear waters of the lake. Before she returned to her celestrial abode, she blessed the waters so that any childless maiden who bathed in the lake would conceive thereafter.

Look like a pregnant lady~

Some lake activities available here as well ~ Solar Boat (RM30 for 1/2 hrs motorized/automatic 2 adults & 1 child), Paddle Boat (RM15 for 1/2 hrs manual 2 person) & Canoe (RM15 for 1/2 hrs 2 person). However, we didn’t go to any activity as mentioned above as my parents were not interested. Well, they enjoyed the Catfish Massage here. 呵呵 We spend about 1 hour here before heading to the second stop ~ Eagle Island.

We reached the Eagle island after 15 minutes boat-trip. The boat entered a small cove and then circled the cove while revving its noisy engine. I was expecting to see lots sea-eagles circling the beautiful sky – in a magnificent dance. However, its too bad not much sea-eagles came out.. I think only 10 of them. As the guide told us, Only female eagles will come out @ this time, the male eagle will come out in the afternoon to hunt for food. Anyway, nothing special here for me.

Thereafter, we proceeded to our last destination ~ Beras Basah Island. Oh yeah… it’s a beach. Well, we were hungry. I bought some soft drink here. RM2 per can. It’s consider cheap. Then our simple lunch here was soft drink + buns. We brought the bun ourself as no food was selling here. We walk along the beach after food. There are some water sport activities available here such parasailing, banana boat & etc.. The parasailing was charged @ RM100 per round. Wow.. it’s expensive. ‘Kill People Put Fire‘ (杀人放火) I still remember Penang 1 is only RM45 per round. I didn’t go for any water sports here as I came with two old folks. Those activities is not suitable for them anyway. We spend around 1 hour here. Luckily, the weather was warm and sunny today. The whole trip ended at about 2pm.

Stepping on Beras Basah Island

We drove back to Underwater World. Err.. we didn’t visit the Underwater World as the Hotel Receptionist told me ‘KL 1 lagi best‘. Thus, I decided to skip this tourist spot. Spend some time here for lunch & duty free shop shopping. Oh gosh! DOM is selling @ RM74 only. I bought @ the price of RM85 free 2 small bottle of Vodca which selling @ the price of RM8 per bottle. AND Jack Daniel was selling RM55 only. I bought @ the price of RM65 @ Teoh Soon Huat. OMG~ 04273CCC2B00E51C13D8A0EC645AF9ABAnyway, I managed to find ‘Almond Gold’ chocolate that was requested by Reb. hoho… Bought 6 packs of Almond Gold Chocolate & 1 18yrs Chivas here.

The moment we wanted to leave the duty free shop. The weather suddenly changed. OMG… It’s raining…. So, we just drove back to hotel and decided to continue with next tourist spot around 5pm. As planned, we headed to the Panorama Langkawi Cable Car around 5pm. Search for Petrol Station along the way again.冷飕飕 OMG..OMG.. OMG… The Cable Car was close due to BAD WEATHER. So, no choice, we just hanged around in Oriental Village. I planned to go to the Cable Car the next morning actually but my dad doesn’t want to as he scared if the weather suddenly changed & we will be trap upstairs. SO, we skip this again. FYI, the cable car ride was RM30 per pax. After the Oriental Village visit. We went to the big ‘Pasar Malam‘ that situated @ Padang Lalang. Wow… it’s so much different from the pasar malam we went the day before. Lots of food selling here. The food is really very cheap. You can get one Ramli burger @ RM1 only. As usual, mostly spicy food which is not to my liking. BUT, my parents likes spicy food. We end our day here by some food from pasar malam.

Food from pasar malam

Last Day ~ We had breakfast @ the Transit Cafe @ the Hotel. Set breakfast available here. I ordered 2 set of Nasi Lemak Set for my parents & 1 Western Breakfast set for myself. The set come with 1 Teh Tarik/Orange Juice. Tea/Coffee is served with FOC here. After that, We took a drive around the island, burning off whatever fuel we’ve got left. 鬼脸

Ops.. nearly forgot about Gamat Factory visit. Last destination @Langkawi Island. Now only I realize gamat is the Malay word of sea cucumber and it refers to medicinal remedies made from any of several species of the animal. We stopped by @ the Gamat Factory because we saw lots of tourist bus here. So we guess this is one of the tourist spot in Langkawi. All the stuff made from Gamat available here! A great place for you to learn more about gamat. We browsed through the shop but didn’t buy anything.

Minyak Gamat

Gamat Cooking Center

The visit to the Gamat Factory concludes our trip @ Langkawi. ECD5D425690DC590998D57DBD93975BC

Souvenir from Langkawi

Some notes to add on here. You need to pay for all Public Toilet in Langkawi. Minimum 30 cents. Some places like Island of the Pregnant Maiden you need to pay for 50 cents. Gosh~ I’m a toilet queen, I’m not sure how much I have spend on toilet per day. The toilet is very dirty. 晕

50cent toilet @ Island of the Pregnant Maiden

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