Guilin – Yangshuo ~ Day 2 ~ 11 Aug 2009

~~ Guilin – YangShuo Day ~~

Today, we woke out around 7:30am & went for breakfast around 8:30am. Haih..another GREAT meal.. 🙁 ..  I thought the buffet breakfast should include some western food, however, only porridge with salted vege & some sweet potatoes, fried kuey tiaw & man tou available.. 天那I was thinking.. ‘Huh? this is so call 4 Star hotel breakfast?’ Really Speechless. We made ourself a cup of nescafe after we got back to the room… haha..


Mr Lu picked us up @ 10am with a van. We headed to Yu Hill Park after checked out from the hotel as we will transfer to Yang Shuo today.

We arrived @ Yu Hill Park around 10:15am. Yu Hill Park is named after Yu Hill and the Emperor Yu Temple . The park has many wonderful attractions from the hill, deep and quiet cave, beautiful gardens and divine temple.

Map of Yu Hill Park

We were assigned a tour guard for the Park. According to him, the construction of the park is actually influences by both the East and West in its design. From the main entrance, there are springs full with a modern design.


Followed the map,  we passed through a cave named as 韶音洞. Gone through the cave, there is a temple known as Emperor Yu Temple (虞帝庙) which has been re-built and is very imposing.


Passing through 怡沁园,we reached the Five Blessings Tower (五福塔) , which is named form the traditional auspicious words “Five blessings come to one’s house”.


“Nine Spheroid Heaven” (九重天) is just situated outside of the Five Blessings Tower. It is made of three big pieces of marble and will inspire your imagination.


We left Yu Hill Park around 11:30pm & proceeded to Rong Lake (榕杉湖) ~ South Gates (古南门) ~ Gold & Silver Tower (金银双塔). It’s really “走马看花”. Don’t have much time to take photo also. 🙁

This ancient South Gate of Guilin as shown below was constructed in Tang Dynasty and expanded in Ming Dynasty. The gate lies in north bank of the Rong Lake. In front of the gate is a 1,000-year-old Banyan tree with flourishing leaves by the lake. The “Shadow of the Ancient Banyan Tree” is one of the famous scenic spots of Guilin in Qing Dynasty.



White marble arch bridge (古榕桥)on Rong Lake.


This 22.4 meters long, 2.64 meters wide Crystal Bridge is China’s first use of the special crystal glass block system for the practicality of bridges. Can’t really get the clearer view of the bridge as this bridge.


Passing through the Yang Bridge (阳桥)that separate two of the lake ~ Rong Hu(榕湖) & Shan Hu(杉湖). Saw a twin tower standing in the water of Shan Hu ~ Sun Tower and the Moon Tower. The 9-story Sun Tower is 41 meters high and made of solid bronze. The 7-story Moon Tower is 35 meters high and made of wood and glazed tiles. Both are located in the middle of the lake. The Moon Pagoda can be reached by a bridge, but the Sun pagoda must be accessed by an underwater passage between the two pagodas. The Sun is the tallest tower in water and it is connected to the Moon through a passage way under the water!


We left Rong Shan Lake around 12:30pm for lunch. Nice & Simple dish for lunch. I guess is because of the nice & comfortable environment. 🙂

Simple dish for lunch

We continued our journey to YangShuo around 1:15pm. Yii.. our tour guard is changed. The tourist car is changed to nissan too. Why Mr Lu never told us? Worry again~~ We told the new tour guard ~ Mr Chai we need to get something from the luggage, in fact we wanted to make sure our luggage is really in the car. haha…

The whole journey from Guilin to YangShuo took around 1 and the half hour. We checked in hotel around 3pm & started our free & easy activity around 3:45pm.

We stayed in Yangshuo Jin Yuan Hotel(阳朔锦苑酒店) which located @ 阳朔县抗站路14号. The location of the hotel is just nice, about 5 mins walk from the famous street in YangShuo ~ West Street. BUT, this is only a 2 star hotel. 抓狂 It’s BAD! No lift! The room got smell! No shower cap! Aisk~~~Actually we were been told that the hotel provided should be > 3 star hotel. We got cheated? Anyway, we have to stay as well. Luckily only 1 night. I can’t remember which room we were staying. I only remembered we were staying in 4th floor.

We walked from our hotel towards the West Street (西街) which situated in the heart of Yangshuo. As mentioned, it’s about 5 minutes walk only. Lots of bars & cafes available here. It’s a great time to take a break with a cup of coffee here.  The street is filled with small shops and vendor’s stands selling all kinds of souvenirs and snacks.


Since we need to rush for the 7:30pm Liu San Jie Show, thus, we decided to visit the street again @ night. We had our dinner @ KFC before we left West Street. Oh yes, we were given RMB50 for dinner. 😛

KFC Dinner ~ RMB39

We left hotel around 7:30pm for the liu San Jie show. A large-scale performance that regards the lmpressional Sanjie Liu as the general theme,and creatively combines the ciassical Sanjie Liu’s Songs,ethnic groups’Culture and the fishing lights together,to reflect the harmonious atmosphere between human beings and the nature.The pertormance lasts for 1 hour & 10 mins and 600 plus actors and actress are invoIved.It’s AMAZING… 70cdcaec6f7f3f47392a7cea27fa4ef3

The tour guard dropped us @ West Street after the show.

crowded west street @ night

We end our day with a cup of Blue Mountain coffee @ Cafe del Moon (西街月色) that cost RMB28. My face look tired I guess..43a3489d1d227804c9d43706d88b8c1e

香浓蓝山咖啡 @ 西街月色