New Year Trip to Malacca

Happy New Year 2010

First Trip of the Year 2010 ~ Malacca. Went down to Malacca during New Year weekend (1 – 2 Jan 2010). Never back to Malacca for quite some times. A memorable place for all of us ~ Ex- MMU student.

6 of us met up @ Chong Ghee house on 1 Jan 8++ in the morning. Expected, Chen Hoong & I were late. Had dim sum breakfast @ Loong Seng SS2 before we departure. NBE2288 & WEP5666 departured from SS2 around 10am. hoho.. Boon Koon is really a good driver.. drive @ the speed of 70-80km/h. Stopped by @ Seremban around 11am to get some mattress & pillows from Chen Hoong house. It’s about lunch time. But all of us were still quite full with the heavy breakfast this morning. So, we decided to have simple lunch ~ Siew Pow. The most famous food in Seremban… Went to ‘Empayar Seremban Siew Pow‘ for the first time. Err.. not as what I expected. We bought some Siew Pow & kaya puff then ordered some drinks.


Started our journey to Malacca around 12:30pm. Arrived @ Malacca around 3pm. Yes.. First stop of the trip was our memorable place ~ Multimedia University. Never back to MMU since we graduated. About 4 and the half year. Realized MMU didn’t really well maintain. Not as nice as it was 5 years ago. Found back lots of memory here. Took some photo here & had a great chat here too.

Multimedia University Melaka Campus

Thereafter, we move on to Kai Ying House @ Bukit Baru. Woo… it’s big & nice house. Had a short rest here before proceeded to Jonker Street. Wanted to eat Ice Kacang & Nyonya food here. wulaguiqq007 Oh gosh, Jonker 88 already finished selling. Damn disappointed. So, we went to the shop next to it. Err… the taste is so so only compared to Jonker 88. We ordered ABC, Cendol, Assam Laksa, Nyonya Laksa, Wan Tan Mee & Rendang Chicken Wantan Mee. It came up to RM24.50 for food & RM14.4 for dessert (Not sure whether I remembered correctly). I can say only give 4 marks out of 10 for the taste. Jonker 88 is strongly recommended if you visit Jonker Street. Didn’t really strolling through the street as the street is really crowded. Thus, we decided to left this crowded place and headed to our next destination ~ Eye on Malaysia. Oh yeah.. Eye on Malaysia was moved to Malacca since last year. Stopped by @ 7-Eleven to grab some strepsils for Chen Hoong. hoho… Chen Hoong is sore troat already.

Wow.. it’s really jam @ the town area. We just passed by the Eye on Malaysia and took some photos from far. Then, we just walked to River Cruise. Another new tourist spot in Malacca. Decided to take a ride @ River Cruise. RM10 for 45mins. It’s worth. Can say as ‘Venice of the East‘. Lots of bridges along the riverbank. Started from Tan Kim Seng Bridge, Followed by Chan Koon Cheng Bridge. Then Kg. Jawa Bridge, Pasar Bridge and then Hang Tuah Bridge. I guess the scenery would be a nice one if you take the ride during sunset.

Before River Cruise

Venice of the East

After the boat ride, walked towards Taming Sari Tower for photo shooting. It’s cost RM20.00 for foreigner, RM10 for Malaysian, RM5 for children. Since all of us were not interested to take a ride. Thus we left here & headed to the last destination of the day ~ The Jetty.

The Jetty

This Jetty never meant for boats or ship to dock. The name Jetty because it is physically looked like a Jetty and it is extended far toward the sea, the Straits of Melaka. A complex nicely situated between Mahkota Hotel and Holiday Inn. I guess it’s a new place that starting to be a famous nightspot for Melakans to eat and to get amusement. Had a drink @ Lounge Cafe before end our day 1 in Malacca. Cheers~


Day 2 ~ woke up around 8:30. Planned to have dim sum breakfast @ one of the famous dim sum in Malacca. BUT, Kai Ying mom already prepared breakfast for us. So, we canceled that dim sum breakfast. Decided to go to Zoo Melaka.. haha… Zoo Melaka was never in itinerary for this trip actually.. haha… RM7 per pax. If not mistaken I went to this Zoo 6 years ago, it’s only RM4 per pax. But can’t remember well about the Zoo 6 years ago. The only thing I can comment here is that variety of Deer available in this Zoo. In fact, all looks the same for me.. 哇哈哈

Zoo Melaka

Left Zoo around 1:15pm and it’s time to fill up our stomach. Since kai Ying mom already prepare steamboat for us @ home. Thus, we decided to have Cendol @ Tan Kim Hock before we go back. Tried the Cendol for the first time. Thumb Up! It’s nice..

Coupon to claim your Coconut Cendol

Coconut Cendol

One peculiar thing here is that you need to buy a coupon at the counter before you claim your cendol at a counter outside. Only 2 types of Cendol available here ~ Coconut Cendol (RM3.00) & Durian Cendol(RM5.00). Kai Ying said the Durian Cendol is nice but non of us tried that. so can’t really comment on that. The Coconut Cendol is really nice~..  Did some biscuit shopping here before headed home.

YinYang Steamboat

Ended this Malacca trip with Steamboat at Kai Ying House. Yummy yummy! Special Thanks to Kai Ying Parents~ wulaguiqq021

Forgot to mention about the Tomyam soup for the steamboat. Now I only realize is just add the Instant Tomyam to the soup. hoho.. I can try next time..

Instant Tom Yam

P/S: Waiting for Alan 7-seater car for our next trip… hooray~