AA ‘Go Holiday’ to Langkawi ~ Day 1

It’s been a while that i never update my blog here…Too busy lately ~

Anyway, I just back from Langkawi for 3 days 3 nights (16 – 19 Dec 2009) trip with my parents. Actually this is a trip for my parents. They had been so busy with my sis wedding for the pass few months. This trip is just for them to relax. Okay.. back to the topic. Why is it 3 days 3 nights? Again, AirAsia spoiled my initial plan. I supposed to jet off from LCCT @ 2115 on 16 Dec. BUT, the flight was delayed for 2 hours.抓狂 You guys must wonder why I wanted to fly @ night, because wanted to save $$ & I wanted to start my journey early morning. Actually I wanted to do web check-in. Again, lousy AA gave me  system error.


Second attempt for Web Check-in

Check in Error

The flight was rescheduled to 2235 for the first time. Thus, we started our journey from KL Sentral @ 2045 after I met up with my parents there. We reached LCCT around 2200 and we only realize the flight was delayed again. This time the flight was rescheduled to 2325. We checked in & spend our time @ Old Town White Coffee. The flight departed from LCCT sharp @ 2325 & took 1 hour to reach Langkawi. Then, we walked to the pre-booked hotel which situated next to Airport. (Roughly 3 minutes walk). Checked in to Hotel Helang & settled down ourself. I think the time we went on bed around 1am in the morning. damn tired~ 天那

Wonder why no post is mentioning about this trip. Well, not much preparation were done for this trip as this trip just decided 2 weeks ago. My first time booked the “Go Holiday” package which include Flight & Hotel. 2 person for only RM610. It’s consider cheap since I’m not early bird for the ticket booking. Then, I booked another ticket for myself which cost RM200. So, total is RM810 (3 air ticket + 3 night hotel).

Our journey started around 9am on 17 Dec. Well, the first thing is to rent a car. As I know, lots of car rental services available @ Airport, thus, 3 of us walked to the airport and hunt for a cheap and good car. The car rental is quite expensive as itis peak season now. We managed to get Proton Iswara @ RM 180 for 2 days. (The cheapest car we could get).

KV412C ~ RM180 for 2 days in Langkawi

We begin our sightseeing tour @ Kuah Town itself. The first thing we wanted to do was pump petrol because the petrol indicator was FLASHING!!!!, BUT, we couldn’t find any petrol station along the way to the town. Since we already reached jetty point so we just parked our car and headed to the Eagle Square (Dataran Lang), the landmark of Langkawi. Wow, the weather was so hot, we quickly hide ourselves in the jetty point shopping center after a few shots @ the Eagle Square.

Eagle Square ~ Dataran Lang

Had lunch @ the KFC before headed to the second shopping center ~ Teoh Soon Huat. Eee…nearly forgot about the petrol. haha… we started to hunt for petrol station again after we left jetty point. Oh well, we managed to get the Petronas Petrol Station & pump RM15 petrol. 哇哈哈

We hanged around for about 2 hours in Teoh Soon Huat Duty Free Shopping Center. 呵呵grab some chocolates & liquors here. huhu..Bought 7 boxes of Ferrero Rocher here. But some of the box is spoiled when reach KL. Feel So sorry to Reb. haha.. spend RM527.4 here… Since the weather is so hot, thus, we decided to back to the hotel for a short rest. My parents took a short nap too. After tea break, we went to another destination ~ Makam Mahsuri. Another main attraction of Langkawi which situated west from Kuah town. We followed the Makam Mahsuri road sign which take us to the rural countryside surrounded by paddy fields before we arrived Makam Mahsuri, the grave of the island’s legendary heroine. Being the island’s most popular legend, this tomb/shrine is to Langkawi what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. The entrance fee is RM5 per pax for Malaysian.

Tried the Kueh Deram for the first timehere. Selling @ RM2 per pack (8 pcs). Yummy yummy ~

Kueh Deram

Last, we headed to the Thursday Pasar Malam. I’m not sure whether we got the correct Pasar Malam or not because there are only a few stalls that selling cloth & food. We spend less than 5 minutes in the Pasar Malam I guess. Then, it’s time to hunt for food. We stopped by @ one Chinese Restaurant for simple dinner.


We dropped by @ Cenang Supermarket to grab some bread for breakfast the next day. This end our first day in Langkawi & get ready for an island day the following day.