Tokyo DisneySea ~ 7 Nov 2008

Day of Disney Resort Tour. We departed from our hotel early in the morning. We didn’t get railway day pass today as Disney Resort is the only destination of the day. We took subway from Minami-Senju to Hachobori (¥190) and transit to Maihama Station (¥210). Here we arrived @ Maihama Station ~ Tokyo Disney Resort.

From the station, we made a right turn to go to the Disneyland. (In fact, our destination of the day is DisneySea). We just went to Disneyland for some photo shot outside. 😛

After that, we walked back to the Maihama Station direction as I knew DisneySea should be at the other side of the Station. Disney Resort Line is
just few steps from the Maihama Station. We decided not to take the monorial as we thought DisneySea should be walking distance from the Station. We came out from the station and walked down to the main road. We followed the direction of the Road Sign (turn right.. in fact we should not follow the Road Sign because the Road Sign is for car.. 🙁  ). From there, we reached Disneyland again.(about 7 minutes walk). Now, we realize DisneySea is not walking distance from Disneyland. Therefore, we have to take monorial from Disneyland to DisneySea (¥250 ~ Single Trip). This monorial has unique Mickey Mouse-shaped windows & hand straps adorn Disney Resort Liners, which each sport a different acc color on the nose and sides (blue, yellow, purple, green & peach). ** Note : If you wish to get around within Tokyo Disney Resort, the Disney Resort Line is a convenient option where you can get a day pass of ¥650 **

Here we reached the main entrance of DisneySea. We queue about 15 minutes to get the chance to get a photo shot @ this entrance. 🙁 .However, we were lucky enough where all the Disney Characters came out while we were @ the main entrance. (They only appear to public for about 45 mins. :P)

After shot photo with all the Disney Characters @ the Main Entrance (Not all actually, is some… Some is not appear @ that time.. 🙁 ). We met pluto, goofy, donald duck, chipmunk.. (Do you realize we didn’t met the main disney character ~ Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse?)

Mediterranean Harbor is the first stop in DisneySea. We met the band performance there.

We took the Big City Vehicles (Picture below) from Mediterranean Harbor to American Waterfront

We walked through the Port Discovery to Lost River Delta in order to meet the Disney pals there. We managed to meet up with Mickey & Goofy. But they left when we still on the queue. We only managed to take photo with Donald Duck & Minnie Mouse.

After that, we proceeded to Mermaid Lagoon.

Here we reached the another world ~ Aladdin World (Arabian Coast).

A lot of popcorn stall available in the Park. But each stall is selling different flavor. We walked through the whole park again in order to find the Caramel flavor popcorn. 😛 . We passed by the Mysterious Island while looking for the Caramel flavor popcorn. We actually walked back to somewhere around the main entrance in order to get the popcorn. hehe… from there, we walked back to the Lost River Delta again in order to catch the disney charater greeting for second times. However, the session is finished. (In the end, I didn’t get any chance to take photo with Mickey Mouse 🙁 ) After that we took the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line to enjoy a leisurely non-stop voyage around the Park on boats.

After the Transit Steamer Line ride, we rush to the Venetian Godolas (pic below), but the session is already suspended and only will re-operate @ 9pm. I missed that ride.. So sad. 🙁 . This ride actually gives you the chance to enjou a relaxing ride along the waterways of Mediterranean Harbor on an authentic gondola operated by gondoliers.

After that, we proceeded to the Tower of Terror ~ main attraction of disneysea.

Finally, I met with duffy family @ one of the souvenir shop. hehe.. of course, i brought one of them home as well.

Here is my small duffy.. 😛

Our activity end with the DisneySea Electric Railway ride from Port Discovery to Waterfront Park (few steps from the entrance).

We walked from DisneySea back to the Maihama station which only took us about 10 minutes. (In fact, we doesn’t need to take the monorial in the morning :P). We took the train back to Hochobori & dine in @ one of the shop nearby. ~. We actually just have to select the food & pay @ the machine before we order. This is the japanese fast food. 😛