Happy Birthday jhling31.com

In fact, this post is neither Travel nor Baking post. Today is a special date for my website ~ jhling31.com..


Oh yeah.. is this website (jhling31.com) birthday.. haha..

Time flies… I still remember one year ago when my boss asked me whether I want to register jhling31.com or not..

B : eh.. want to register jhling31.com or not?
Me : ar?? for what?

B : haha.. just for fun.. you can start blogging… now everyone is using wordpress..
Me : errr… how much oh.. you pay ar?
B : You wan or not??
Me : errr… serious ar? I’m no good in writing oh.. err.. cin cai lah…

Well, jhling31.com just BORN like this.

Then, I downloaded wordpress & setup. If not mistaken I spend the whole week to choose the theme & think of the topic of my blog. And I was so confused on the purpose of a blog. Is it a personal diary? Is it a website for sharing information? In fact, blog can be anything. It can be a personal or professional approach. I started by sharing my travel experience since year 2007. Then, I found another interest on feb 2009 ~ baking. Thus, baking topic was added to my blog since feb 2009.

Today is first anniversary of jhling31.com. I have moved my blog from http://www.jhling31.com/blog/ to http://www.jhling31.com/ AND I changed my theme. ALSO, my wordpress had been upgraded to the latest version ~ 2.8.5.