Homecook Japanese food & Fettuccine Afredo for my pappy & mummy

Hohoho… my mummy take 2 days off from cooking ..033FE537725FF5556EC9119F7393E499Is our turn to cook…

My 2nd attempt on sushi… the rice is not that sticky this time… GREAT!
They said the sushi is nice WITHOUT the wasapi… wahaha… Well, they don’t like wasapi..
I tried to make Nigiri Sushi but failed, so turned out with the Maki Sushi again… 偷笑


Japanese Curry ~ yummy yummy.. this time is the Medium Hot..好好

Japanese Curry

Fettuccine with Portobello Alfredo 4C2F4F3BE0DA20C79EB59FAED1E982B3

Fettuccine with Portobello Alfredo