Hong Kong ~ 21 Sept 2007

Day of Ocean Park. Our initial breakfast plan was try the local delicacies in Hong Kong teahouses (港式茶餐厅) ~ Hong Kong’s style tea, Polo Bun & egg tarts @ Wan Chai which is 1 station after Admiralty. Thus, we took MTR from Mongkok to Admiralty & transited to Island Line (港岛线) to Wan Chai (湾仔) Station. According to the map, we would be able to get Hong Kong teahouses after we get off from any exit of the Station. However, I wasn’t sure what is the problem, we wouldn’t be able to find any. Therefore, we just dine in in one of the shop for our breakfast. No worry, I will be back tomorrow. 😛 . After breakfast, we took MTR back to Admiralty Station & transit to Citybus Route 629 from Admiralty MTR Station. The bus fare cost HKD10.6 each person. We bought Ocean Park ticket from MTR Travel services Center at MTR Admiralty station which cost HKD185 (normal price HKD 208) each.

Ocean Park Ticket ~ HKD185

We get off from the bus after going through the Arberdeen Tunnel and took a short walk to the park.

We entered the Main Entrance (Two entrances available ~ Tai Shue Wan Entrance and Main Entrance which are connected by cable-car) of the Park which lead us Headland Section.

We first went to the Space Wheel ride. In fact, only my sis & me went for this ride as Bryan & Chen Hoong dare not to try. 😛 . This ride took about 1.57mins. An excited ride. should try. 🙂 After that, we went through the second longest outdoor but weatherproof escalator in the world ~ Ocean Park Escalator (登山電梯) – At 224 m (745ft). This escalator is actually 4 levels(First Level [Bird Paradise -> Raging River] -> Second Level [Raging River -> Mine Train] -> Third Level [Mine Train -> Pacific Pier])

Here we reached Sea Jelly Spectacular.

After that, We went to Ferris Wheel and the Ocean Park Tower.

View from Ferris Wheel. 🙂

We proceeded to the Lowland Garden by Cable Car (a gondola lift system that connects the park together) in order to catch up with the Amazing Birds Show.

Then, we took the Cable Car back to the headland again in order to catch up with performances by dolphins & sea lions @ Ocean Theater. Unfortunately, the theater is already full the moment we reached there. Thus, we just walked around & had light meal before the show.

Our initial plan was visit the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat (香港賽馬會大熊貓園) – Home to four giant pandas, Jia Jia (female) and An An (male) as well as Le Le (male) and Ying Ying (female). However, Ocean Park close @ 6:30pm where the Ocean Theater show finished @ 5:45pm. The worst thing is that we only realize the Headland & Lowland is only connected via Cable Car where Ocean Park located on two different sides of a mountain & overlooking the sea.  This is the reason we missed the chance to meet up with those pandas. 🙁 . But, I brought back a panda toy from Ocean Park. 😛

Lok Lok from Ocean Park

We end our trip for today @ Harbour City Shopping Center (海港城) which situated @ the hub of Tsim Sha Tsui. This shopping complex located along the west side of Canton Road, stretching from the Star Ferry terminal in the south to China Hong Kong City in the north.

It comprises four parts :-
~ Zone HH – Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel
~ Zone OT – Ocean Terminal
~ Zone OC – Ocean Centre
~ Zone GW – the Gateway.

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