Great Ocean Road – 20 Aug 2008

We started pretty early in the morning (around 7am) heading to The Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road

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is a 273km stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay & Warrnambool. The road was constructed as a Memorial to those killed in the First World War. It is one of Australia’s great scenic coastline drives.

Daniel & his bro ~ Cameron became our driver for today. Thanks :P. Here we stopped @ the Geelong’s waterfront.

The weather was freezing cold today.. a cup of hot latte warm me up for the day. We had our tea break along the way too.

We continue our journey after a short break. We stopped by @ few stops that offers a good view along the way…

We had picnic lunch along the way as well. May & Daniel had prepared delicious food for us.. of course.. never forget the hot chip offered by Cameron.

We headed to Tweleve Apostles after lunch. wow.. it was an amazing scene. The twelve Apostles are a collection of natural limestone stacks standing just off shore in the Port Campbell National Park on the Great Ocean Road. This site was originally called Sow & Piglets

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where Muttonbird Island near Loch Ard Gorge was the ‘Sow’ and the smaller rock stacks the ‘Piglets’. The name was changed to the more majestic ‘The Twelve Apostles’. However, only eight left at this moment.

From Twelve Apostle, we proceeded to our last destination ~ Loch Ard Gorge which located about 10 mins drive west of Twelve Apostles. The gorge is named after the clipper ship Loch Ard, which ran aground on nearby Muttonbird Island on 1 June 1878 approching the end of a three month journey from England to Melbourne. All but 2 out of 55 passengers & crew perished – Tom Pearce, a ship’s apprentice and Eva Carmicheal, an Irishwoman immigrating with her family, both of whom were 18 years old. According to memorials at the site, Pearce was washed ashore, & rescued Carmicheal from the water after hearing her cries for help. Pearce then proceeded to climb out of the gorge to raise the alarm to local pastoralists who immediately set into plan a rescue attempt.

A lot of farms available along the way. We stopped by while on the way back. Here you can see the sheeps & moo. 😛 . Thanks Cameron that purposely stopped by @ the farm for us to shot some photo of the animal.

Delicious laksa was waiting for us @ home. Yeap… Uncle had prepared laksa for us as dinner.