Mount Buller ~ 25 Aug 2008

Mt Buller is the most interesting destination of my Melbourne trip. We followed tour offered by travel agent which cost $65 each person. We rented boot as well which cost $15 each pair. We were attached with a chinese tour guide for this trip. The tour guide approached us for the chairlift ticket @ the mountain which cost $25. However, we realized the chairlift only cost $20 if you purchase the ticket @ the ticket counter. 🙁 .. We had been cheated…

We departed from the Agency sharp at 6:30am. Again, impressed with the punctuality of Australian, there were 5 person been left behind as they didn’t turn up on time. 🙂 . It was a long journey, I think about 4 hours from Melbourne City. Actually I was expect to experience the snowing as it was Winter. However, as you can see from the photo, No snowing that day. 🙁 . Since this is only a day tour, hence, we were not be able to attend the skiing session because the skiing session took around 2 hours for the training. Anyway, I know I will have chance to go for skiing some other time. 😛

We arrived around 10am & collect our boot @ the counter. Then, we jump on a chairlift & take a quick trip to the top. This chairlift is appropriate if you feel like taking in the views from the top of Mt Buller but don’t feel like exerting much energy to get there. The Horse Hill Chairlift departs from the carpark at Horse Hill and travels across some of the Resort’s northern slops to Spurs Restaurant.

We took the chairlift to the intermediate station & spend for about 2 hours there before we came down for lunch.

The moment we step on the snow. *_*

Again, aunty had prepared delicious lunch for us as well ~ some sandwiches & fruit.

After lunch, we took a shuttle bus to the Hose Hill carpark & took chairlift approach Spurs Restaurant Station. We left Mt Buller @ 4pm & got back to Melbourne City around 8pm. As we reached earlier, thus we spend some time shopping @ the Coles Supermarket.