Yangshuo – Guilin ~ Day 3 ~ 12 Aug 2009

~ 桂林山水甲天下,阳朔遇龙河山水甲桂林 ~

3rd day of the trip ~ consider the last day of the trip. We didn’t go for hotel breakfast this morning. Err.. not interested with the breakfast as we have been told that the breakfast would be porridge again. Simple breakfast with a cup of Nescafe & bread start our day.

The tour guard supposed to picked us up @ 10:30am as he promised. BUT, Mr Lu (haha.. the tour guard changed back to Mr Lu again) came to hotel & picked us up 1 hour earlier. Haih.. he ruin our initial plan. 🙁 Actually we planned to grab some souvenir near the hotel before we left Yang Shuo that morning.

Anyway, we left hotel around 9:30am & started our morning activity @ Yang Shuo ~ 十里画廊. From the hotel, Mr Lu drive us towards Moon Hill which located about 8km south of Yangshuo. You may hire a bike & cycle down to get to Moon Hill (月亮山). Along the way, we passed by 幼狮出林,驼骆过江,唐僧打坐,猪八戒晒太阳,孙悟空过火焰山, 羊角山..


FYI, There are several other ways to reach Moonhill, all go through the local padifields but end up in front of Moonhill on the main road. There is an entrance fee of RMB15, and includes a guarded parking space for your bicycle. Although the path is not difficult, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes slow walk up. You can walk up to the hole in the rock and have some good views over the surrounding karst mountains. Anyway, this is not included in our tour.

Then, we headed back to Guilin. We passed by 拇指山 along the way.


We reached Guilin around 11:30am and it’s time for lunch again.

lunch @ 桂星意满餐厅 lunch @ 桂星意满餐厅 lunch @ 桂星意满餐厅 lunch @ 桂星意满餐厅

After that, we went to 同仁堂 which located opposite the restaurant for food massage. Again, this is one of the shopping point for the tour. We went to 宝树堂 & 天阔珠宝 (Freesky Pearls) after that. I got a pair of earnings from Freesky Pearls which cost RMB25.


Oh yes, thank god. All shopping point visiting is done. It’s our leisure time now. We headed to Zhenyang Gate Walking Street (正阳步行街) which located in the downtown of Guilin city paralleled the Zhong Shan Road. This street surrounded by restaurants, hotels, theatres, stadiums, commercial facilities and scenic spots. Slightly the same as the West Street in Yangshuo. BUT, more fashion shop available here.


Had tea break @ MC-D around 5pm before we met up with Mr Lu.


We got a pair of cute couple-T from this Shop which cost RMB68 each.Hi5 Emoticon



We met up with Mr Lu around 6:10pm and headed to Dinner. We told him we had our tea break and we still full. However, he said is already booked, so no choice, we have to go also. Hi5 Emoticon. Again, it’s normal local chinese meal. Same restaurant again & the dish is similar. 🙁

Dinner @ 桂星意满餐厅 Dinner @ 桂星意满餐厅 Dinner @ 桂星意满餐厅 Dinner @ 桂星意满餐厅

We proceeded to our last activity of the trip ~ Catching Fish Show (鱼鹰捉鱼表演) ~ Passed By Two Rivers & Four Lakes (车夜游两江四湖).

I felt the Catching Fish show is quite boring. It’s not worth for the price I paid.天那

We end our day by Two Rivers & Four Lake sightseeing. The Two Rivers Four lakes is a park-like scenic area. As the name suggests it consists of two rivers and four lakes. The two rivers are the Li  River and Taohua (Peach Blossom) River. The four lakes are the Rong (banyan tree) Lake, Shan (Chinese fir) Lake, Gui (Osmanthus tree) Lake, and the Mulong (Wooden dragon) Lake. Rong Lake, Shan lake & Gui Lake named after trees that grow along their banks and the Mulonghu Lake is named after the Mulong Cave which overlooks the lake which located in Guilin’s Diecai Hill Park.

We grab some Osmanthus biscuit @ souvenir shop the night before we left Guilin.

桂花香饼 ~ 3 for RMB20

It’s time to packing again ~ 43a3489d1d227804c9d43706d88b8c1e

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