We going back today ~ 13 Aug 2009

Yes, we going back today. Again, we had breakfast on our own in the room ~ Nescafe + Bread. In fact, the bread is not that nice either. But I guess it is still better than the hotel breakfast. 😛

Mr Lu picked us up from the hotel around 8:30am to airport. This concluded our holiday in Guilin ~ Yangshuo. Actually there are still many places that is not covered in this trip, thus, I guess I would prefer free and easy tour for next visit..

Put on mask again & prepare to fly off soon ~

Outside Guilin Airport

Boarding AK103 scheduled @ 1110hours

Our meal on the flight for the day ~ Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong (RM 9) + Lipton Green Tea (RM5). Actually we wanted Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak & Orange juice. BUT, we were so lucky, both item is not available. SO, to avoid disappointment, Pre-book your meal on AirAsia and you can save up to 20%.Hi5 Emoticon

Meal on the flight

We arrived @ LCCT around 3:20pm. We took aerobus back to KL which cost RM8 per trip. I met up with my sis in KL Sentral to get our car key & then GO HOME…

Some advice for those who hold this Guilin/YangShuo voucher… You guys actually can arrange the optional tour by yourself. The price is cheaper and there are more optional tour available in YangShuo where you can arrange yourself with the agency in Guilin/YangShuo. Anyway, Guilin & YangShuo is a nice place to visit. Nice Scenery..


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6 thoughts on “We going back today ~ 13 Aug 2009”

  1. Yeap… I got a Guilin – Yangshou voucher from hwajing agency when I purchase my StarCruise Package.

    That voucher is included the tour & hotel. But, some add on required for those Optional Tour

  2. GP,

    In Guilin, I stayed @ Licheng Holiday Hotel. This hotel is good… But the location is not that nice. You need to have transport if you stay in this hotel.

    BUT in Yang Shuo, I stayed @ Yangshuo Jin Yuan Hotel(阳朔锦苑酒店) which I think is not really good. But the location is very convenient.

  3. hi, thank you for your prompt reply. I also bought the same pkg frm them. Overallm the itinerary is Ok, right?

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