Macau – Hong Kong ~ 18 Sept 2007

We woke up early in the morning today as we will travel around Macau before we proceed to Hong Kong. Since the hotel is only offered free breakfast for two. Thus, my sis & me got the chance to try the local breakfast. We picked one of the cha chang teng near our hotel & ordered a 艇仔粥 and 1 set of sandwich.

After breakfast, we took a taxi to our first destination of the day ~ Ruins of St. Paul’s(大三巴牌坊). 大三巴牌坊是澳門天主之母教堂(聖保祿教堂)正面前壁的遺址。大三巴牌坊是澳門的標誌性建築物之一,同時也為「澳門八景」之一。We spend some time here before we proceed to casino area around our hotel. We went to Sands Casino as well as Babylon Casino this time.

We got back to our hotel around 12 noon & checked out around 12:30 noon. From hotel, we took a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the pier to take the ferry to Hong Kong.

The ferry departed sharp @ 1pm & took around 1 hour to reach Hong Kong. There are number of macau ferries available, run by TurboJET, First Ferry and the Cotai Strip CotaiJet™ . We picked the TurboJet which cost us HKD152. The China Ferry Terminal is located in Kowloon. From there, we took taxi to Wong Kok where our hostel 龙群宾馆 (亚皆老街83号 , 先施大厦7楼 707室) situated. Here we spend some time look for our hostel again as this hostel is really a small hostel which situated @ the 7th floor of the building. We were shocked when we saw our room which provided with 1 double deck & 2 single bed. And a small bathroom provided for private use. However, this hostel is really very clean although it is small. This hostel is just nice for a backpacker which only cost HKD200 per night. ~ Really Worth ~  🙂

After a short rest, we made our move to Ladies Market (女人街) which only few steps from our hostel. We tried some local food here in the market such as 烧鹅脾, 臭豆腐, 咖哩鱼蛋, 香烤鱿鱼. 臭豆腐虽然臭但却非常美味(只有我这么认为 🙂 ) . We walked around along the street & finally we dine in @ one of the cha chang teng for our dinner. As we already feel full after all the food along there street, therefore we only ordered 2 set of meal & share.

We shopped around after our dinner before we got back to hostel. Here we end our first day in Hong Kong.

Night view of the street from our hotel.. busy street ~

Ops.. nearly forgot about the supper time. ~ 皮蛋瘦肉粥+油条 ~ Yeah.. nice..

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